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    AS Linda Nektar

    A reliable link in the value chain

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    AS Linda Nektar

    Production and wholesale of wines

About us

A reliable link in the value chain

Today's beverage industry is all about high quality, precise timing and seamless product flow. The consumers choices, changes in the weather and demands from the trade - all of that influences the beverage industry's processes in a fast pace. A successful business depends on all the links in the value chain.

Flexibility and ability to adjust to unexpected needs are also very important elements of the process.

Our aim is to meet the beverage industry needs, to provide high-quality raw material and build a solid partnership with the whole value chain in focus.


We are specialized in producing fermented beverages for the drinks industry. Our production is used as a raw material for making cider and other alcoholic beverages and the production plant is equipped with the latest fermentation and treatment technology.

Products are either standard products or tailor made according to customer needs.

The continuous product development and improvement of the processes enables partnerships where our customers have access to the latest technical and commercial developments at all time.

We are located in Southern-Estonia, close to the city of Tartu - an ideal location when targeting the Baltic and North European markets.


AS Linda Nektar is the successor of Linda Kolkhoz which started with wine production in 1963. They used local berries and fruits as a raw material and their products were quite popular at the time.

In 2003 AS Linda Nektar reorganized its production and started to make fermented beverages for the drinks industry.


Nasdaq Baltic Welcomes Linda Nektar to First North

Tallinn/Riga/Vilnius, May 28th, 2015 - Nasdaq Baltic announces that the shares of AS Linda Nektar, an Estonian-based beverage company, will be admitted to trading on Nasdaq Baltic First North Market. The trading will commence on First North Tallinn on Friday May 29, under the ticker 'LINDA'.

Linda Nektar is specialized in producing fermented beverages for the drinks industry. The company is looking to expand existing production capacity as well as develop new revenue streams by investing to scale up R&D in food technologies. Presently the company's operations are mainly in the Baltic countries and Finland, but the company is aiming to expand the business, including targeting new markets.

"Linda Nektar's foray into exporting its know-how overseas calls for international visibility as well as having a ready currency for further acquisitions. Therefore we see First North as a logical step for the company at this juncture and thank the investors who participated in the recent private placement," said Erik Hagström, Chairman of the Supervisory Board. "We aim to generate both capital growth and distribute income as dividends, subject to favorable operating conditions and respective shareholder decisions at general meetings."

The company has origins in the 1940s and its production facility is geographically located between the Estonian and Latvian capitals of Tallinn and Riga.

Linda Nektar has appointed LHV Pank as Certified Adviser.




AS Linda Nektar

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