More exotic bases from Linda Nektar

As the trends of 2021 show, consumers are thirsting for exciting new flavors. We are pleased to announce that Linda Nektar can now offer a significantly wider range of exotic wine bases.

New pasteurizer from Della Toffola

The process of alcoholic fermentation requires careful control to produce high-quality ferments. Requirements include suppressing the growth of undesirable microorganisms, adequate numbers of desirable yeasts, and proper nutrition for yeast growth. We installed our new 15,000 lph FREE FLOW TYPE PLATE PASTEURIZER, which we procured from our good and long-term technology partner Della Toffola. Our cooperation with Dela Toffola goes back to 2004 when we installed the first ceramic crossflow filter. The new pasteurizer allows us to eliminate microbiological spoilage risk before fermentation and ensures the high and stable quality of our wine bases.

Della Toffola Pasteurizer for fermented bases
Della Toffola free flow type plate pasteurizer

Exotic fermented bases with special care

Most fruit juices contain sufficient nutrients that could support microbial growth. Exotic juices are more sensitive and have a higher risk of contamination. The new pasteurizer allows us to remove all the undesirable microorganisms from the substrate and start the process with the right yeast and control the fermentation process completely. Therefore, we are ready to help you to fulfill the craziest dreams of your customers. Do not hesitate and ask for pineapple, orange, lime, grapefruit, or whatever other wine base for your cocktails, hard seltzers, or ciders.