Three most important trends for the beverage industry in 2021

Articles and analyses bring out a lot of different trends going on in 2021. From that, we can assume that the Covid-19 pandemic boosted the e-commerce, and it will therefore enhance the creation of direct-to Consumers (DTC) channels by breweries; the need for safety will grow in every aspect; some reports bring out that people are ready to pay more for quality to please themselves and get over from stress, caused by the pandemic; other analyses say that consumers will prefer cheaper products as the economic environment is not very stable due to the pandemic. But there are three megatrends mentioned by most of the reports and analyses, and we will summarize them here below.

Trendy Citrus wine bases

Healthy choices 

Beverage Daily, Food and Beverage Insider, Zukunftinstitute, and others predict that consumers will be more health-conscious and prefer drinks with fewer calories and less alcohol. The variety of low-alcohol beverages will grow, and there will be considerable demand for alcohol-free (craft)beverages. Hard Seltzer is an excellent example of this trend, and the share of simple and tasty “less is more” drinks will grow. 

FoodIngredientsFirst notes that natural flavors like blackcurrant, Maqui berry, elderberry, and cranberry can signal health benefits. It also says that Firmenich’s global Human Insights show that trending natural flavors as Citrus, Tropical Fruits, and Berries play a greater role during COVID and expect this popularity to continue to grow in 2021.

Transparency and sustainability

Clarkston Consulting brings out that consumers will value socially and environmentally conscious policies and a transparent supply chain. Food Dive says that transparency throughout the supply chain will dominate as the top trend of the year.

Also, purpose-driven consumption falls into that category.  We have entered the story-telling era. Customers prefer products with a background and purpose. Echemi notes that consumers are increasingly looking for companies that advance equity, diversity, fairness, community, inclusion across the industry, giving greater visibility to women- and minority-owned businesses.

Experiences through the flavors

This is an aspect that a pandemic has influenced the most. Opportunities to travel and dine outside have been limited during last year. So, the hunger for novel and exotic flavors is unsatisfied, and customers are looking for new ways to experience them.  Food&Beverage Insider says that RTD drinks can offer many varieties to take the customer onto the culinary journey.

Exotic and global, traditional and local, novel and nostalgic flavors, particular tastes related to different traditions and holidays – the year 2021 promises to come exciting and challenging. Linda Nektar is next to you on this journey and always ready to help you overcome those challenges.