Is the new idea of a trendy beverage concept your headache?

Here are 4 reasons to try Linda Nektar’s new wine bases

Product development can start with a customer review, tracking trends, or testing new exciting raw materials. Here are 4 reasons to try Linda Nektar’s new special wine bases:

Trendy beverages wine bases

1. Large selection of wines

Linda Nektar has a large selection of wines from very different raw materials: grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, pineapple, rhubarb, cranberry, apple, etc. This makes it possible to create authentic trend drinks, where, for example, a pineapple cocktail is produced from a pineapple alcohol base.

2. Best organoleptic properties

For the production of wines, Linda Nektar uses natural concentrates or juices and special yeasts that highlight the best organoleptic properties of a particular fruit during the fermentation. Consumers are looking now more for what’s in products. Therefore, using natural ingredients is very important for premium RTD products.

3. Easy to combine

Linda Nektar’s naturally fermented wines have a strength of 10-14% ABV with nice acidity and a clean and well-balanced less-sweet taste, which allows being easily combined with different flavors. They are the perfect choice for producers looking for a premium wine base option.

4. Industry knowledge

In a good partnership with Symrise, Linda Nektar can contribute a lot of state-of-the-art knowledge to the engineering of your next successful product.

Feel free to ask us for product samples to experiment with and get ideas for new products. In further cooperation, we can already design a wine base that exactly suits your needs.